Using RVs for Temporary Housing during Emergency Situations


The year 2020 may be one of the most unforgettable years for many people due to various issues it has brought us. These include the covid19 pandemic, enormous wildfires, hurricanes, tropical storms, and many more. These disasters have caused severe damages to coastal areas and homes of people living near the area.

Many of the relief resources used to aid the area are RVs. Due to their purpose as a secondary home, it is often used as temporary housing during disasters and has been a life-saving option for most people who have lost their home. 

When RV comes to our mind, we always incorporate it with travel and leisure. We don’t know that it is often used for emergencies and people affected by disasters. 

They are often used to deliver relief goods to rough locations, as temporary shelters, a command center, and many more.

A Lifesaver during Covid19 Pandemic

On March 18, 2020, RV Industry Association President Craig Kirby pledge to donate 20 RVs along with 100 other RVs at a reduced price to help with the fight against the pandemic by using it for critical health care settings.

It helped shelter vulnerable populations and people who have jumped on board to lend a hand in slowing the spread of the virus. Below is a list of methods RV was used during an emergency.

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Served as Temporary Housing For:

1. Front Line Workers 

  • Large Scale Relief Effort: People have taken their action to help others across the country. Some dealerships have donated 400 RVs to various cities to serve as temporary homes for caregivers and first-responders. It served as their lodging while they are away from home to protect the families that might pick up the virus from them.
  • Small Scale Relief Effort: A woman named Emily Phillips used Facebook to search for an RV that she and her doctor husband could temporarily stay in when he is off-duty. The RV was parked in their driveway so he could still be close to them. Holly Haggard granted her request by lending hers. It has since created an organization with the same plan.


2. The Homeless Population 

The covid19 pandemic left many people jobless due to the closure of many businesses. Also, the cost of housing has increase as well as wage stagnation. Due to this, many people lost their job and became homeless.

In March, the state of California’s governor requested more than 1300 travel trailers from private companies and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to shelter the homeless in various locations.


3. The Infected

As the numbers of infected begin to rise, many people who have mild symptoms chose to isolate themselves by staying in separate homes. Family members would call RV companies to request an RV for their ill relatives. Like front liners, most of the infected used an RV to isolate themselves. 

4. Medical Facilities 

Due to its size and many features, RVs were used as laboratories to free some space for hospitals. In Scottsdale, Arizona, the Mayo Clinic rented an RV to use as a drive-thru testing operation. The staff also used its amenities during their break and allowed them to rest. 


5. Safe Traveling

After the ease of lockdown, many people were excited to travel finally. The problem is the pandemic is still there, so many people must still be cautious when going to overpopulated areas such as beaches, airplanes, and many more.

Using an RV was the best way for safe traveling as families could enjoy traveling to various locations in a self-contained unit while also experiencing the great outdoors. Families can enjoy nature without the need to book hotels to stay for the night. It is also a great way to bond as they get to do things with their families. 


Use of RV during Natural Disasters 

RVs play a vital role in providing temporary shelters during natural disasters such as hurricanes, wildfires, tornados, flash floods, and earthquakes. It is also used for other purposes such as a command center,  a vehicle for transporting and distributing goods and services, and many more.

RVs have contributed in many ways and have become an essential part of helping and saving many people in emergencies.