Captain’s Chair Ab Exercise

Captain's Chair Ab Exercise

People are running blindly behind those products which promise them to give a good figure and six packs but there is something that everyone ignores that is that do they really know what is all about abdominals and what kind exercise do they need for having a good physic.

The Anatomy of Your Abdomen

It is actually a group of muscle which are six in number and which are tightly packed and cover the area of ribs and extend up to pelvis. Following are some of the details regarding abdomen muscles:

Rectus abdominus – it is the muscle which is popularly known as six packs and it wholly covers the ribs area. It mainly does the work of spinal flexion.

Transverse abdominal – it is situated deep inside the abdomen and it extends from ribs to hips. It helps in lateral flexion and allows air to pass in and supports the air to come in the lungs. It also supports the organs.

Internal obliques – these are deep muscles situated along your sides. It joins the front of the hip to the rectus abdominal. It supports the spine, pelvis and ribs. They are help full in spinal flexion, rotation and lateral flexion.

External obliques – it is situated above the internal obliques. They are particularly of V shape. They mainly perform the work of trunk rotation and trunk flexion. They are just like a supporting system for exhalation and helps in keeping fit the abdomen.

Why Strong Abdominal Muscles Are Important

As per abdominal muscles are really important for the healthy core and healthy core plays an essential role to have a good posture and great body structure. It makes the breathing system more efficient and supports other organs of your body. Other muscles like lower muscles, hip muscles, erector spinae and gluteus muscles also stay healthy and strong.

The Captain’s Chair Ab Exercise

Captain's Chair Ab Exercise

A new exercise has come in to existence named captain chair exercise. It has also been proven that it is very effective by the American council of exercises. It gives strength to the rectus abdominus as well as to internal and external obliques.

Using a captain chair is not so difficult you just have to first put your back tightly towards the floor. Lift the knees towards your chest slowly and bring it back to the original position again. Repeat the procedure at least ten to fifteen times to get better results.

The very good and effective part of the exercise is that all the body parts are equally involved in the exercise.

When you keep your knees straight your hip area will get more affected and extra fat from that area will surely get reduced.

It really helps you to maintain a proper posture and having a good physic too.

That is how you will obtain a healthy and nice body with well toned figure. A little extra effort can get you back in shape. Pure hard work is the key to your success and this true funda should be kept in mind.