The Best Of Best Review Of Audi A3

The Best Of Best Review Of Audi A3

Mid-September I was able to discover the new Audi A3 on the roads of Madeira. It is always a pleasure to take the wheel of this premium compact to appreciate its evolution as the vintages. As for Madeira, I have always dreamed of discovering this little island lost in the Atlantic off Morocco. A strange and beautiful island with its rapidly changing climate and incredible landscapes.

Audi A3
Let's talk first about this Audi A3; it is not a new model but a restyling of the model released in 2012. This 3rd generation of A3 has already enjoyed great success, and Audi has made many improvements so that it remains the reference. On the aesthetic level, the headlights have been redesigned with a "double-pointed" appearance (Matrix Led technology is optional), the grille is more angular and imposing. The tail lamps follow the style of the last productions of the firm of Ingolstadt. It is mainly on the side of embedded technologies that the novelties are the most numerous. This is the very successful Virtual Cockpit (I talked a lot about it in the test of the Audi A4 Allroad in Scotland), the MMI connect which allows remaining connected with its car from a simple application on the smartphone. Like the A4, there is "intelligent" equipment such as emergency brake assist or automatic control in congestion.

About Engine Audi A3

On the engines side, I drove the petrol engine 2.0 l TFSI 190 cv which is ideally suited to this A3. Note the arrival of three cylinders 1.0 TFSI 116 hp, very light and sophisticated this engine should be a pleasant surprise. Small flat on the 1,6l TDI of 110 CVS that I found dusty and not at ease on the many slopes of the roads of Madeira.

On the road, this A3 behaves like a small A4: reassuring, efficient, precise and comfortable. Comfortable both in town and on the road, it is the versatile Audi par excellence.

What better than the framework of the Madeira island to discover the qualities of this Audi A3. This Portuguese island has an area of only 700 km2 and its landscapes change completely, depending on the area in which you are located. To the east, the island is almost desert with a scanty vegetation (type garrigue). In the north, it is a jungle with an ultra dense and very green vegetation that you will find. In the center of the island on the summits, fog and clouds stagnate most often. On the high plateau in the center of the isle, I had the impression of finding Scottish landscapes. Let's talk about it! It is a vast subject in Madeira, basically useless to look at the forecasts because it will most often be wrong! On arrival, the weather changed every 5 minutes between sun/heat and showers/cold.

Let's Talk About Comfort

Just arriving in Madeira is an adventure all by herself. The airport is located to the east of Funchal, the capital of Madeira. We arrived from Paris by making a stopover in Porto. After 1 hour flying over the Atlantic, you begin to see the first benches of land. Looking through the porthole your attention is on a funny highway on stilts, which is strange is that it ends abruptly. Then you see what appears to be a control tower and there you understand that this construction on stilts is the airstrip. If your Boeing starts to take a lot of angle by having the sea, do not panic, it's normal. The pilot is only positioned optimally for approach and landing. Imagine: you are stuck on your seat: on your right the ocean as far as the eye can see, on your left a cliff and houses hanging a few meters! This landing is the most intense I have experienced, great mastery and calculated risk taking. The aircraft must lay its wheels at the beginning of the track. Otherwise, it will be too long at the end of the track (without any escape).


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