Test, new Audi Q5 Tdi and Tfsi in The Road

Test, new Audi Q5 TDI and Tfsi in The Road

During a weekend, I had the chance to discover the newest Audi, its SUV the new Audi Q5. Only 3 hours by plane from Paris, Marrakech is an ideal destination to explore it in detail. Drives TDI 190 or TFSI 252 Ch?

So you would choose which motorization to drive in extreme situations such as off road or the small mountain road passing through the urban congestion?

New Audi Q5 2017 in figures:
• Engine TDI 190 from 48 050 dollars
• Mixed advertised 4.9 liters
• Length: 4.66 m
• Ground clearance: 21 cm (17 to 23 cm with air suspension)
• Volume of the boot: from 550 to 1,550 liters
• Tank capacity: 65 liters
• Weight 1845 kg

Test Audi Q5, some numbers to start

It was in October 2008 that Audi, the world-renowned ring brand, introduced us to its new small, high-end compact SUV, clearly aimed at a very urban clientele. Sold with 1.6 million copies, Audi revealing to us this version manufactured in a brand new factory in Mexico has just taken back the position of leader in a market with extreme competition. To start, we have the Porsche Macan. It uses the platform of the old Q5 and places itself higher regarding tariff (58 235 € minimum with the same four petrol cylinders of 252 hp, instead of 49 750 € for the Q5) or of engines (only one V6 diesel engine of 250 hp). The same goes for the Jaguar F-Pace in gasoline (340 hp and 61,100 € minimum), and which is limited to two proposals in diesel: 2.0 D 180 hp (from 44 350 € in 4 × 2 BVM), then 3.0 D V6 of 300 ch (64 950 € minis). At Mercedes and BMW, there are more choices, this diesel engines and three gasoline for the Mercedes GLC, including an AMG and a hybrid-rechargeable version. Four diesel engines and three essences on the BMW X3. Let's wait for its new generation at the end of 2017 to see it adopt a hybrid-rechargeable technology.

This second generation Audi Q5 is still available only in the Quattro or Quattro Ultra version, which knows how to disconnect the transmission to save fuel entirely. You have the feeling for a few moments of being coasting on a slope.
The sportiness of a sedan, the versatility of an SUV. Sharp lines, efficient motoring, state-of-the-art innovations and state-of-the-art driving aids, the second generation of the Audi Q5 once again raises standards in its segment.
During our test in the Moroccan desert, two engines were at our disposal. A diesel version 2 liters TDI 190 Ch and a version gasoline four cylinders 2 liters TFSI developing 252 horses. Most in Saline finish.

First day with the version Audi Q5 2l TDI 190: crossing the desert

I have to admit that when I arrived in Morocco, I expected to come across a car as well known to make Audi, comfortable, luxurious, refined, elegant but more or less austere as most German brand cars, especially in the cockpit.

In the parking lot of the airport, the more I approached under this bright Moroccan sun, the more Audi magic operated. In front of me parked in the airport parking, ten Q5 last generation was waiting for us. From a distance, it is impossible to differentiate the new generation from the old. And little by little the new lines of this Q5 appeared. A simple face lift? Certainly, it may be more work than in normal times, but it is not. It does not include all the codes of the old generation. This is a brand new car with the recognizable look of the new generation Audi. Sharp lines and a more spacious cabin, this is how Audi sums up its new Q5, the premium SUV premium in France that wins this spring 2017 Q7 driving aids. The materials in the cockpit are of impeccable quality, including hard plastics which, it is true, are becoming increasingly scarce. No flaw in taste. I fell under a spell and put aside my apriori concerning the Germans, I speak well on cars.
Of the place, there is to resell in this new generation. Audi corrected a small defect of the older generation. The trunk length now reaches 113 centimeters. With the backrest up, the cargo volume varies from 550 to 610 liters depending on the progress of the bench seat. When the latter is folded down, the Q5 will be able to engulf 1.550 liters of luggage.

We quickly get into the cars because Audi had prepared us an ultra-detailed road book. To start our trip, we take a version Diesel 2 liters TDI 190. The GPS system of the car was not yet programmed with the map of Morocco. Too bad we could not test the digital counter Virtual Cockpit which already equips several generations of Audi. So no choice, here we are with our RoadBook on the knees and resets the counter at each intersection to avoid getting lost. Decidedly Audi thought of everything, a phone in the glove box in case of emergency or if we are lost. It is with a disconcerting ease that one finds these marks and marks in this car. All the controls fall perfectly and naturally on hand. Wondering if, during the design of this new generation, Audi engineers had not asked us for our opinion. Adjustable mirrors, adjustable seat and steering wheel, buckled belt, phone on the Audi Phone Box, which charges by induction the battery, a funk sound background in the Bang Olufsen 3D speakers (option), here we are ready to face the crazy traffic of Marrakech.

After 40 kilometers, our map tells us that we will have to take a track, owl we leave the road, and we go down into the desert of Agafay and in the foothills of the Atlas. Luckily, our car is equipped with the air suspension system (Adaptive Air option at 2350 €). The off-road mode selected (+ 45 mm), we hardly feel at the stop the car to rise on itself even a few centimeters but enough to face a well-broken road. Before embarking on this track, we crossed a lot of very big 4 × 4 Japanese, renowned for their robustness and reliability. We were in a trendy area for all-terrain fans. At that time, we wondered if this SUV was of a size to face anything but bitumen. And the surreal comfort in the car given the track that we are traveling. The Q5 makes the bumps, holes, and irregularities of the very rough terrain that we cross without pain. The gearbox automatically adapts to the off-road mode and ensures that it is in the right gear at all times. Beyond 30 km / h, the body automatically drops back to the normal position, i.e., four-wheel drive. We did not have to test the dynamic mode, (weak suspensions - 15 mm) it is necessary to exceed a certain speed so that automatically the car falls. This method is not ideal for the paths.
Always as bluffing this SUV does not finish to astonish us, the kilometers and perilous situations do not end anymore, dust, sand, very healthy mounted and on the contrary descent are its playground. Although damage from 40 750 € I doubt that the owners of this SUV will make the tenth of what we had the chance to realize in 24 hours.

I did not imagine that this small engine 2 liters TDI 190 horses can allow us to have fun in the desert. At no time did he fail or become a traitor. He correctly realized everything we asked him. The more miles we passed, the more confident we were in comparison with the degrading terrain. Without forcing, all smooth, the four wheel drive perfectly do their jobs.
To summarize this day of track, the British with their 4 × 4 designed initially for crossing and then for refinement just have to stand well. Today Audi arrives on the segment of the SUV which will be able without difficulty if necessary to cross a big sidewalk steep.

Second day Audi Q5 2l TFSi 252: roads and villages

Luckily the sun is still present despite a weather forecast that announced a rain and even storms over the area.
After a short briefing by the organizers and an explanation of the program of this day will be a route of about 150 kilometers on the road in the fort against the Atlas. Perfect to be able to test the version gasoline 2 liters TFSI 252 horses that propose Audi on its new Q5. Once again, I had apriori on this engine. A 4 cylinder on a car of 1900 kilos, even having 252 horses, on the mountain roads we will play the gearbox.

Before arriving on the small mountain roads of Morocco, beautiful straight lines and long curves pass before our hood. A gorgeous, breathtaking landscape rises before us under the sun that is always present. No desire to test the performance of the engine at the moment, we take advantage of the comfort of the leather seats of this S line finish. Open sun roof, we cross a small market day town. It smells of spices; citrus fruits invite in the cockpit, we quickly find ourselves at the center of all the attention of the inhabitants. The engine is so quiet at low speed that we feel like we're driving an electric car. We finally leave the city and arrive quickly on a road whose bitumen leaves something to be desired, mixing holes and pebbles. We chain the shoelaces and that path with a very steep climb once again with so much ease that quickly we are at almost 2000 meters altitude. The car has perfectly crossed this mountain road without difficulty passing from the second to the third gear without being noticed. On the other hand, as soon as you switch to sustained driving mode, the noise of the 4-cylinder engine becomes rather unpleasant. Strongly the 6 Cylinder. We finally see that we are in an SUV. Even with a high-performance chassis, excellent mass distribution and permanent four-wheel drive, the car tends to roll and not keep pace. An excellent point to the braking system that I found the ultra high performance on the road. It is enough just to touch the pedal to have an immediate, powerful reaction without making dive the shocks even on a very big breaking type emergency braking. It keeps its course, and the wheels remain nailed to the ground.

Audi Q5, the consumer point

For the 150 kilometers of road, if we take into account the unevenness (route of assembly), the chain of lakes and a more or less sustained driving, we are with a consumption of 13 l / 100. In my opinion, with daily use and good family behavior, consumption will drop to below 10l / 100.
As the day progressed, weather conditions deteriorated sharply. Indeed, we went from the sun to the hail to finish our day under a pouring rain. Once again, even in the worst conditions (soggy and slippery roads) at no time did the car become tricky. On the contrary, the Quattro system provides complete serenity.

Arriving on Marrakech on the road to the Airport, I make the first assessment of this new Audi Q5, and I look for the negative. So yes, there is the sound of the 4 cylinder not very sexy, but hey it is done without problem, the central screen that is neither tactile nor retractable, yes and then nothing serious, high gasoline, would it have been if we had made a city/highway trip as will almost all the owners of this car. In short, I searched I do not find points negative. Its price is a fault, but everything that is beautiful is expensive.

The engines: prices

• Audi Q5 TDI 150 4 × 2 BVM6 40 750 dollars
• Audi Q5 TDI 163 Quattro S tronic 7 46,550 dollars
• Audi Q5 TDI 190 Quattro S tronic 7 48,050 dollars
• Audi Q5 TFSI 252 Quattro S tronic 7 49,750 dollars

Finishes: prices

• Audi Q5 Design + 4 150 dollars
• Audi Q5 Q5 S line + 5200 dollars
• Audi Q5 Q5 Design Luxury + 1500 dollars
• Audi Q5 Q5 Avus + 3900 dollars

Audi Q5 2017: the record

This new Audi Q5 is comfortable in every respect; it is in the course of the significant despite its small size and yet the place inside it does not lack.
This car is perfect; she will do whatever you ask her without bothering. She is surprised by her comfort. No matter what terrain you want to practice you will always feel safe. These off-road or stabilized speeds are so surprising that it becomes almost tiresome. Everything is too straightforward and predictable. It only needs one zest of acidity like a V6 to be fun.


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