Review Mazda MX-5 RF: Own Wisdom


Just leave Mazda in front of a car. Completely in style, the new Mazda MX-5 RF is not just a hardtop roadster, but a real fastback. That sounds good. It looks good. Moreover, it runs well. Just like the regular MX-5.

Just now every manufacturer returns from the cabriolet-with-steel folding roof, Mazda refines the concept and brings the MX -5 RF to the market. It is a sequel to the previous generation MX-5 Roadster Coupé. Moreover, where you could not distinguish the open hood from his soft top brother, the new Retractable Fastback never gets confused with its gentle companion. Open or close, the RF is an intriguing design. From some corners it works beautifully, from the side and three-quarter of the front, the design gives the MX-5 a tough look that he has never had before. Three-quarter from behind, it all works a bit less, and the RF looks a bit of a bit. However, he had to be distinctive, and that is him.

Mission succeeded and, in addition to the appearance, the implementation of the fastback concept proves very intelligent. The roof consists of four parts, which dive behind the passengers in thirteen seconds. Unlike the traditional roadster, it happens entirely electrically. There is no craft to be fitted. Also, it can drive, even if you do not have to imagine too much because the maximum speed at which it can reach 10 km / h. The entire construction adds about 45 kilos to the total weight of the MX-5. Not too much, but in a car that is sharper than its average supermodel, each kilo is one. Moreover, that extra weight is relatively high in the car. The steel roof makes this little Mazda stiffer than the soft top.

Communication Mazda MX-5 RF

That is why the engineers have minimal adjustments to the power steering, shock absorbers, springs and stabilizer rods, so the RF drives like an MX-5. That is great because the fastback has the same maneuverability and playful road position that made the roadster favorite. The differences are so small that you should have a soft top next to them to notice them. Feeling a little less roll in the carriage when sending and the steering device operates fractionally more directly. As a result, the RF makes itself less and seems like a whole tighter and direct without the comfort of it. What remains is the excellent way the car communicates with its driver. Any movement of wrists or feet immediately affects the effect and because it is still a light car, exploring the borders is never intimidating. It will be an unforgettable party to send in the MX-5. Whether you are pushing her hairpin from her hairpin or driving long distances, the Mazda lets you enjoy every meter.

Motoring does not change anything; the offer consists of a 1.5-liter four-cylinder with 131 hp and 150 Nm or a 2.0 with 160 hp and 200 Nm. The first one must have the drivers; the 2.0 liter offers a lot of power reserve that benefits the comfort. Also, the latter can be linked to a six-speed machine, even if we do not know why you would like to deny one of the finest switching six-speed gearboxes ever. In this area, it is also enjoyable. Each time you turn a turn in the right gear, it seems to be harder than the speedometer indicates. Because although 2.0 has potential, performance to modern standards is significant. Moreover, that is a recommendation. The pleasure does not suffer, while the risk of losing your driving license is much smaller.

Luidruchtiger Mazda MX-5 RF

So driving pleasure does not change, but once on the way, it is evident that the Targa-like construction offers not only benefits. With a closed roof, there is more rest on board than in the soft top, while the RF is just noisy with the ceiling open. Especially above 100 km / h, there is a swirl at the raised roof parts, which makes it impossible to make a conversation without raising your voice. Also, the noise will irritate in the long run. Except that you feel less wind through your hair, the interior is just like that of the soft top. That is, not very practical. In the luggage compartment, only two-weekend bags fit. There is still no room for longer drivers. It still lacks clearance and steering depth adjustment. Little change on that level.

Unfortunately, that does not apply to the price, because the RF costs equal to € 2,600 more than the soft top. This means that you have to pay € 1.5980 for a 1.5 with average equipment level. The 2.0 is only delivered as GT-M and costs € 43,180. Then he is completely complete, but you can question the added value, as the refinement is only better with the closed roof. So you need to go for the design, enjoy driving and do not rely on rational reasons for too long. In that sense, the RF into its fibers is an MX-5. Moreover, so, Mazda has not made any winds for the time being.


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